Buildings are permanent structures in your city that offer increased bonuses and functions.

Main Buildings[edit | edit source]

Name Unlocks at Keep Use
Keep 1 (Pre-built)  Establishes the maximum building level.
Port 1 (Pre-built) Delivers building materials and speed-ups.
Storehouse 1 (Pre-built) Protects a certain amount of resources from enermy invaders. 
Watchtower 1 (Pre-built) Improves your scout reports and informs you when you are being attacked.
Wall 1 (Pre-built) Provides some defence to your city, and establishes maximum trap capacity.


Allows you to craft weapons, armour and equipment using materials.
Tavern 1 Allows you to collect a daily bonus and a cummulative bonus based on log-ins.
Training Yard 1 Establishes your maximum troop march size.
Maester's Tower 4 Allows you to research improvements. 
Rookery 6 Increases your reinforcement capacity.
Great Hall 7 Increases your rallied troop capacity. 
Shrine 8 Allows you to use prayer candles to collect resources. 

Production Buildings[edit | edit source]

Production Buildings are used to harvest resources:

Name Unlocks at Keep Use
Farm 1 (Pre-built) Produces food
Sawmill 1 (Pre-built) Produces wood
Stone Quarry 10 Produces stone
Mine 15 Produces iron

Troop Buildings[edit | edit source]

Troop Buildings are used to create troops: 

Name Unlocks at Keep Use
Barracks 1 (Pre-built) Trains infantry units.
Stable 1 Trains cavalry units.
War Camp 2 Increases your training capacity and training speed.
Range 3 Trains ranged units.
Trap Maker 4 Create traps.
Medic Tent 4 Increases your wounded capacity.
Workshop 5 Crafts siege engines.
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