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The Iron Throne is the Ultimate Goal[]

The goal is to sit on the Iron Throne by taking over Kings Landing and ruling your server for as long as possible. To accomplish you will need to grow your army to be able to attack with sufficient force to capture Kings Landing and rule Westeros.

Grow Your Keep[]

The primary method of increasing your power is to level up your Keep. Do what is required in order to allow you to level up your Keep and grow stronger. See the main article on Keep to learn more.

Join/Create Allegiances[]

It will be nearly impossible to take on King's Landing alone. Join forces with other players in your server by joining or creating an Allegiance. This will allow you to coordinate your attacks together to be more effective in capturing Seats of Power and eventually King's Landing.

Attacking Seats of Power[]

Seats of Power are the Houses ruled by Kinds Landing. There are major houses and minor houses and their influence is ranked by stars. The more stars a Seat of Power has, the more influence it has, and subsequently the more bonuses it will give your Allegiance to rule.

Training an Army (3 types of troops)[]

In order to attack anything you will need an army. You can build 3 types of troops: Infantry, Archery, and Calvary. Each type of unit has their own advantages and disadvantages, but the simplest way to understand it is that Infantry is strong against Calvary and weak against Archery. Archery is strong against Infantry and weak against Calvary. And Calvary is strong against Archery and

Attacking Creatures[]

Attacking Players[]


Frequently Asked Questions[]

User Interface[]

Gameplay 1.png
Gameplay 2 crop.png

  1. Resources Bar - This is the amount of available resources you currently have to use. This doesn't include the amount of resources stored in boxes in your inventory.
  2. House Information Link. This Icon shows your House Leader along with your House Level in a shield below the image. The blue bar is your House Prestige and how close you are to leveling up. The green bar is your Stamina and how full your stamina is.
  3. House Banner - You can click this to edit your house banner
  4. House Power - This is your total Power Level. You can click this number to get a list of what items contribute to your power level.
  5. Game Settings
  6. Special Offers. Click this to look at and buy packages
  7. Events. Click this for more details on the events currently happening in your kingdom